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Day One: Tuesday, June 25th

Day One: Tuesday, June 25th

9.30am: Registration Opens: Ground Floor, Old Library Building. Conference on Second floor Research Beehive.

10am: Introduction and Welcome: Dr Bethany Usher, Dr Gareth Longstaff and Dr Darren Kelsey

10.15am-11.15am: Key Note 1: Prof. David Marshall

‘Persona Studies’ Future: Disciplinary Intersections and the New Era of Negotiated Public Self.’

11.15am-11.45am: Persona Studies: An Introduction book launch – with coffee and cake. Courtyard restaurant (ground floor Beehive Building).

11.45-1.20pm: Session 1:

1a: Persona curation, biography and autobiography.                        

Chair: Dr Ian Biddle

1. Constructing a Posthumous Persona through Biographical Film: The Case of Fabrizio De André as iconic Italian singer-songwriterin Il Principe libero (2018)   

Dr Rachel Haworth

2. ‘You’ll need a good companion for this part of the ride’: Navigating Bruce Springsteen’s sonic persona in the Born to Run audiobook                                     

Dr Richard Elliott

3. “I do not have an image, I am just who I am”: Marit Larsen, persona and authenticity in popular music                                                                                       

Dr Mikkel Broch Ålvik

4. The Curated Death: David Bowie, the Death Event, and the Dying Persona     

Samiran Culbert

1b: Star Persona.

Chair: Dr Helena Bassil-Morozow

1. Sylvester Stallone and the Economics of the Ageing Film Star                                 

Dr Mark McKenna

2. The Star in VR                                                                                                   

Dr Sarah Thomas

3. Bette Davis: Monster/Mother, Fighter/Victim                                                            

Dr Martin Shingler

4. Innocence and Sexuality: Persona and the Bollywood Star                             

Dr Nandana Bose

1c: Constructing online persona                                                                            

Chair: Dr David Giles

1.“The truth about Shane Dawson”: Rehabilitating the YouTube Celebrity Persona 

Dr Rachel Berryman

2. Psychoanalysis and the Politics of Self Representation in the online persona of Gabriel Cross

Dr Gareth Longstaff

3. Interpreting the elements of personas in social media behaviour

Dr Michael Niemann

4. The social media stage: pop and persona construction

Tessa Vannieuwenhuyze

1.20pm-2pm: Please pick up packed lunch from social area, Floor 2, Beehive Building/Old Library Building (outside of seminar rooms).

2-3.30pm Session 2

2a: Persona Studies and Theatre                                                                     

Chair: Dr Martin Shingler

1.The Making and Unmaking of Persona, Live on Stage: The Explosive Case of Hanna Gadsby                                                                                                                

Prof. Mary Luckhurst

2. The Uses of Persona in Stand-up Comedy about Mental Health                

Dr Matt Hargrave

3. Making Mischief: David Hare and the Celebrity Playwright’s Political Persona

Dr Sandra Mayer

2b: Professional Persona  

Chair: Dr Darren Kelsey                                                                                  

1. Intermediaries and Personae: A radical rhetorical reading of marketing work

Dr. Chris Miles

2. Scientific Persona Performance Online: targeting biographical statements 

Dr Kim Barbour

3.  How might persona studies inform assessment design in higher education?

Rola Ajjawi, P.D. Marshall


4.  How might persona studies inform assessment design in higher education? Keeping up the image: how TV hosts’ persona informs the process of news production in Pakistan.

 Prof. Altaf Khan

2c: Persona, politics, audience                                                                   

Chair: Dr Bethany Usher

1. Trumpism: The Effects of Mediated Ethos on Audiences’ Epistemic Defences  

Dr Rania Nakkouzi

2. Kanye West and the (Neo) Liberal ‘Call Out’: Pop[ulist] Persona, and ‘Post-Racial’ heterodox 

Dr Carlton Brick

3. My favorite female politician, my governor, my idol: citizens, fans and political celebritization in Argentina        �

Dr Florencia Garcia-Rapp

3.45pm-5.15pm: Key Note 2: Professor Anne Jerslev. Introduction: Dr Kim Barbour

‘Negotiating the persona: gendered paradoxes of ageing female celebrity – Madonna at the Met Gala 2016.’

7pm: Geordie Gala Dinner at Dobson and Parnell, The Quayside. Regional and seasonal cuisine and produce.

Please note menus are seasonal and we will select choices a week before the conference. If you did not book at time of registration, there are some places available. Please contact Bethany Usher.


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