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Day Two: Wednesday, June 26th

9.30am: Reception Opens, ground floor Old Library Building. The conference will take place in the Research Beehive on the second floor.

10am-11.15am: Keynote 3: Dr David Giles:  Introduction Gareth Longstaff

‘Jung, psychological theories of self and the choppy waters of digital culture.’

11.15am-11.45pm: Tea, coffee and cakes: Courtyard Restaurant

11.45am-1.15pm: Session 3

3a: Persona, politics and politicised ‘leadership’                                           

Chair: TBC

1. Save the world with Matt and Ben/Ben and Matt: The importance of film texts and the on-screen persona to critical discussions of star campaigning

Dr Joshua Gulam

2. Pope Francis: Religious leader in the times of credibility in crisis                

Tereza Zavadilova

3. The Representation of Chinese and British political leaders in news propaganda: Theresa May’s official visit to China                                                                      

Yehan Wang

3b: Persona: ‘performance art’ or ‘self-branding’?                                      

Chair: Dr Richard Elliott

1.Rewriting ‘herstory’: Sasha Velour’s drag persona as art and activism       

Dr Renee Middlemost

2. Persona as key instance in visual person branding – a semio-cognitive study.

Nicholas Qyll

3. A cult of (im)personality: Karin Dreijer’s singsong of flatness as Fever Ray

Dr Ian Biddle

4. Intimate Strangers and Affective Market Economies: Ann Hirsch, Amalia Ulman, and Marisa Olson                                                                                                                

Dr Monica Steinberg

3c:  Feminism and female agency                                                                   

Chair: Prof. Anne Jerslev

1.Australian online feminisms: intersectional activist personas

Dr Kim Barbour

2. “I learn from Beyoncé”: White millennial women’s investment in the persona of Beyoncé

Annelot Prins

3. Female Agency and Dressing the Persona.                                                      

Dr Boel Ulfsdotter

4. Julia Gillard’s My Story and Hillary Clinton’s What Happened: Political memoir and/as feminist persona-building                                                                               

Dr Anthea Taylor

1.20pm-2pm: Please pick up packed lunch from social area, Floor 2, Beehive Building/Old Library Building (outside of seminar rooms).

2pm-3.35pm Session 4:

4a: Persona and politics.                                                                                    

Chair: Prof. P.David Marshall

1.Normality vs independence: The social media behaviour of Australian political maverick personas

Dr Michael Niemann

2. Networked politics: persona, populism and the press                                            

Dr Bethany Usher

3.  ‘Trump V Clinton’: cross platform persona performance during the 2016 Presidential Campaign                                                             

Rebecca Lawrence           

4. Online political persona in the political campaign context – from identities through digital representations and to personal brands                                                                        

Dr Elisa Kannasto

4b: Persona and Celebrity Culture: Public/Private/Contested             

Chair: Dr Gareth Longstaff

1.Caught between two states: The public/political persona of Chinese Celebrities

Dr Celia Lam

2. Public Figures and Private Lives: How does the UK law protect public figures’ private lives?

Dr Gemma Horton

3. A Star Is Born: Rethinking Celebrities’ Children from a Persona Studies Perspective

Eva Schörgenhuber

4. ‘Torture Television’ and the spectacle of suffering in light entertainment: 16 Years of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!                                                                             

Dr Gill Jamieson

4c: Persona/self/mask

Chair: Dr Martin Shingler

1.Storytelling, persona & individuation: Jungian reflections on the “journey” of Russell Brand (an auto-ethnographic study)         

Dr Darren Kelsey

2. Life after Stroke: Persona, Identity and Social Perception.                   

Joseph Hall

3. Persona and the masquerade of happiness: Botswanan women in “sick” marriages 

Dr Lovie Seru

3.50-5pm Key Note 4: Dr Helena Bassil-Morozow

‘Trickster Narrative as a Genre: Persona, Disruption and Recovery’

5pm-6pm Discussion Session and closing remarks: Where next for persona studies? All keynote speakers (Darren Kelsey, chair).

6pm onwards: Post conference drinks and chat: Crow’s Nest Pub.


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